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Dry Utility Services

Soltesz understands that dry utility management and coordination can be a cumbersome burden to any project. Because the dry utilities management for each project is handled in-house at Soltesz, we provide fast and accurate dry utility services to our clients to ease this burden and administer proactive and strategic management of said dry utilities. This allows for a complete coordination of the design and construction of all site utilities.

Soltesz mitigates risk and uncertainty by providing a single dry utility project point-of-contact with whom all project members including consultants, construction team, utility providers, agencies, and stakeholders have constant contact. This Dry Utility project manager is a single point-of-contact in charge of understanding the project utility scope, managing the on-site meetings and project scheduling, provider relationship management, utility conflict resolution, and utility design. By uniting our talented engineering teams with our top-notch dry utilities services experts, we provide an innovative and forward-thinking solution upon which our clients can rely to deliver sustainable solutions with ease.

Our services include the design, processing, and coordination of Power, Fiber, Gas, and Telecommunications.

Dry Utility Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Cost Estimates
  • Dry Utility Composite Plan Design
  • Dry Utility Onsite Coordination Meetings
  • Dry Utility Planning
  • Easement Planning
  • Permit Processing
  • Planned Area Development
  • Project Dry Utility Coordination
  • Project Management & Utility Provider Relationship Management
  • Site Evaluation
  • Strategic Utility Planning
  • Utility Construction Documents
  • Utility Design and Engineering
  • Utility Due Diligence
  • Utility Feasibility Studies
  • Utility Infrastructure Mapping
  • Utility Liaison
  • Utility Master Planning
  • Utility Removal, Upgrade, and Undergrounding Projects
  • Utility Survey & Provider Identification
  • Will Serve Letters