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The Challenge

Wildewood is a 415-acre Planned Unit Development (PUD) and includes over 3,750 homes, an office park, community retail, community recreation, clubhouse, pool, and retirement village. The site is located in the St. Mary’s River watershed, a Tier II stream, requiring environmentally sensitive design. In addition, Wildewood is nearing completion of the PUD and desires to maximize density as close to the allowable units as possible, all the while protecting the natural resources. To achieve the maximum density and meet the stormwater management regulation deadlines, several neighborhoods needed approval from many local and state agencies.

The Soltesz Solution

Soltesz managed and provided designs for several phases concurrently to meet the scheduled milestones. Because of the site’s watershed location, various design measures were incorporated to protect water quality. Soltesz increased buffers and added additional sediment controls, infiltration, and filtration devices. All approvals for stormwater management were improved on time as a result of Soltesz’s environmental design considerations.

Stanley Martin Companies, LLC
California, MD