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Waldorf Marketplace

The Challenge

Waldorf Marketplace was a multi-phased project consisting of the design and construction of two main strip buildings and nine pad sites. The property was bisected by a significant water course which had a FEMA mapped floodplain. Because of the floodplain, LOMAR and CLOMAR applications had to be prepared and processed through FEMA. This regulated area also posed a challenge by negatively impacting the project density and by making it difficult to obtain permits.

The Soltesz Solution

As part of the solution, Soltesz designed a large storm drain line to replace the FEMA water course. The locations of a commercial pad site and a stormwater facility were switched. The storage volume above the relocated stormwater management facility was utilized to balance the flood elevations and runoff volumes to eliminate upstream flood impacts.

Soltesz also prepared and processed very extensive LOMAR and CLOMAR applications through FEMA. These applications and studies included very detailed field surveyed stream channel cross sections. Extensive computer modeling of the floodway and flood plain were run to locate key critical hydraulic points. Design modifications to a proposed headwall for the twin box culverts under Plaza Drive were made to increase the hydraulic efficiency of the culvert entrance and lower the upstream flood elevation.