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University of Maryland Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center

The Challenge

The Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center at the University of Maryland includes a 300,000 SF facility with classrooms, offices, rehearsal and practice areas, dance studios, performance spaces, and a parking garage. This project required siting and engineering a large building onto an existing campus while being sensitive to the need to cause minimal disruption to students, faculty, and staff. One of the challenges was to provide vehicular access to the building not only for the students, but for the audiences coming to the various performances. This required extensive road improvements to create a boulevard in accordance with the Master Plan, and these improvements necessitated utility upgrades. Another challenge was the placement of the building. The Center was built near large existing residential buildings and on the travel path to academic and student activity buildings. This created a routing problem that was exacerbated in the time between classes. Where the Center was placed, there were also environmental permit challenges that threatened delivery dates which had to be solved.

The Soltesz Solution

To successfully add the performing arts building within the constraints of the campus, Soltesz was able to strategically design and implement alternative pedestrian travel path solutions. These functional paths connected to existing routes so that to students, faculty, and staff did not incur additional travel time between venues. Soltesz provided placement and design of the Lot One Road, which provides a connection between Stadium Drive and Campus Drive allowing vehicular access to the building and parking garage. The firm also provided designs for road improvements that included traffic control plans to not disturb the flow of the campus. Water and sewer lines were designed to extend to the project site along with a newly designed water loop to enhance the campus distribution system. Soltesz provided sensitive design solutions to solve the environmental constraint issues and no major cost implications or time delays were experienced due to any environmental permit requirements.

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