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St. Mary’s County Boat Ramp 1
St. Mary’s County Boat Ramp 2

St. Mary’s County Open Ended Surveying and Engineering

The Challenge

One of the biggest challenges of an on-call contract is performing the requested services in a timely and cost effective manner. As part of this contract, St. Mary’s County Government solicited proposals from engineers for design services from a Contracting Officer’s Representative through any of the County departments. As an approved vendor, Soltesz was required to provide competitive bids against other shortlisted firms, providing the most effective prices for each task while maintaining available resources and coordination with other parties.

The Soltesz Solution

As part of this contract, the Soltesz team submitted hourly, not to exceed proposals and was very competitive in price due to the local resources of the Soltesz office in St. Mary’s County. Soltesz structured the extended team to provide the best cost savings possible to be competitive on individual project bids. Soltesz provided all surveying services, much of the civil site design, and most of the permit processing. As the Prime Contractor, Soltesz provided all administrative support in the contracts and invoicing to the County. The firm drew upon other teaming partners with unique expertise to remain competitive and most qualified. Soltesz worked with teaming partners in the same CAD platform so as to transfer design files throughout the life of the project in the same coordinate system so that work could be performed at each office concurrently.

St. Mary’s County Government
St. Mary’s County, Maryland

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