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Randolph Village Elderly Housing

The Challenge

Soltesz provided site planning, engineering, and landscape architectural design services for special exception approval of a 120-unit mid-rise elderly housing facility on a 7.5-acre site. The property was subdivided from a 15-acre tract owned by a catholic seminary, which was to remain in operation on the balance of the land. 

The property was also a fill-site during the widening of Randolph Road over 20 years ago, and although the ground was expected to have settled significantly, the proposed building was placed so as to be in the areas of the shallowest fills. 

Other issues for design consideration included proper landscape screening of the long facade of the building (over 500 feet) from Randolph Road and from adjacent residential areas, appropriate stormwater management design in the deep fills, and an agreement that required forest conservation requirements for the entire 15-acre tract be met by the developer parcel without creating an encumbrance of the seminary property. Special exception approval was granted.

Humphrey Stavrou Associates
Colesville, Maryland