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Prince George's County Public-Private Partnership

The Challenge

Given the magnitude of the challenge of retrofitting 2,000 impervious acres with Green Infrastructure, with the flexibility to potentially grow to 15,000 acres of untreated impervious area by 2025, and an estimated cost of $100 million, an alternative solution was sought. The County’s elected political leaders including the County Executive; Legislative Branch; and sponsoring agencies–Department of the Environment and Department of Central Services collaborated for the development of an alternative solution. That alternative solution was a Community Based Public Private Partnership or CBP3.  As a result, Prince George's is the first municipality to utilize the CBP3 model as a solution to the challenges that are facing many jurisdictions across the US in meeting federal regulatory stormwater compliance requirements.

The Soltesz Solution

The Clean Water Partnership is the first-ever Public-Private Partnership (P3) model to address stormwater management at such a large scale. Under the terms of the agreement, the county has committed to invest $100 million during the initial three years of the partnership. The funding covers the planning, design and construction of green infrastructure to retrofit 2,000 acres of impervious surfaces. Additionally, there is an option in the partnership to retrofit an additional 2,000 acres after the initial three year term if the county is satisfied with the progress of private entity. 

Prince George’s County is primarily taking a green streets approach to achieve the 2,000-acre retrofit through high performance, low impact practices.  At the end of the initial three year phase, the county plans to reduce stormwater runoff from 90 percent of storm events by capturing the first one inch of runoff and achieve pollution reductions of up to 50 percent of nitrogen, 40 percent of phosphorus, and 80 percent of sediment. The private partner will fund between 30 to 40 percent of the program costs upfront, enabling project construction to begin sooner and proceed more quickly. The private partner is also responsible for long-term maintenance, which ensures an integrated approach that will maximize the efficiencies and savings for the entire life cycle of the green infrastructure assets.  

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