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North Bethesda Town Center

The Challenge

This project required a fully planned and engineered project for a 15-acre property at the White Flint Metro Station. The scope includes a transit-oriented mixed-use development of 950,000 SF of office and retail space, 410 high-rise apartments in two towers, and planning for an additional 200 apartments. The biggest challenge of this project was the coordination with various local agencies and the utility coordination required to update existing utilities and provide additional utilities to allow this development to accommodate its users.

The Soltesz Solution

Soltesz’s management of its services allowed the firm to successfully coordinate the design consultants, WSSC, and WMATA in successfully completing utility upgrades and designs. The firm was also responsible for all site engineering for the development plan, the preliminary and site plans and final engineering including grading, storm drain, water, sewer, sediment control, and stormwater management. Soltesz also provided preliminary and final street grade design for Chapman Avenue, a master plan roadway that runs along the eastern length of the White Flint North Site.

White Flint North Limited Partnership
North Bethesda, MD