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Martens Planning

The Challenge

Soltesz is working with Buchanan Partners to develop a 26.5 acre site known as the Martens Property. The site is being developed for a residential community near Germantown Town Center with 289 multi-family units, 166 townhouses, and recreational amenities planned. The preparation of planning and final engineering documents for this very dense neo-traditional type development posed a challenge due to a large high hazard stormwater management pond.

The Soltesz Solution

In the planning phase, Soltesz strategically coordinated the relocation of the existing high hazard stormwater management facility through coordination with the Maryland Department of the Environment and Montgomery County Department of Permitting Services. The existing facility also served off-site drainage areas, therefore, consideration had to be made to coordinate with off-site owners and design the relocation to safely divert drainage to the relocated facility. Soltesz implemented cost and time saving designs to utilize as much of the existing stormwater management pond infrastructure as possible. Another solution Soltesz contributed is the development of a modification to the public road standard details to implement the new stormwater management regulations while maintaining the standard design for vehicular and pedestrian safety.

Buchanan Partners
Germantown, MD