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Martens GIS

The Challenge

Soltesz was requested to evaluate an abandoned development project for a new use consideration. A study of the site was prepared to ensure the property could receive the proper zoning needed to become a mixed-use development. The lot was located adjacent to an active rail line, which posed many challenges to achieve the zoning because of stormwater runoff as well as an existing high hazard stormwater management pond.

The Soltesz Solution

Soltesz utilized GIS databases to prepare reports to identify new uses for the property. The firm analyzed the data and found that the property had opportunities for designs that conform to the new regulations of Montgomery County with regard to stormwater and water quality. Study results allowed for the proper zoning of the project and ultimately allowed Soltesz to work with the land planner to revise the property for a new mixed-use project. When complete, the development will include 289 multi-family units, 166 townhouses, retail, and recreational amenities.

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Germantown, MD