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Havtech Warehouse

The Challenge

Soltesz worked on the proposed modifications to an existing office/warehouse space to increase the internal square footage of the building. While the changes to the building were within the existing building footprint and roof area, the additional square footage and relocation of the entrance to the building required a review of parking capacity on site, as well as bringing required parking and access up to ADA accessibility standards.  

To make these revisions to the existing approved site plan, Soltesz intended to use the Howard County “Redline Revision” process, which is the simplest and most straightforward process for site plan revisions of this nature. However, the process requires using the information on the approved site plan, some of which differed from actual field surveyed conditions as well as actual usage of the site. Additionally, preliminary discussions with Howard County engineers indicated that the square footage addition would trigger a full Adequate Public Facilities Traffic Study.  

A full site plan review involving the planning board and a full traffic study would put the client well behind their anticipated timeline so Soltesz coordinated with Chuck Dammers, Chief of the Development Engineering Division, and Ms. Cindy Hamilton, Chief of the Land Development Division, to request that the site be allowed to move forward with the simplified revision process and an abbreviated trip generation report, rather than a full traffic study. Ultimately, Soltesz was able to persuade the appropriate agency personnel to proceed with the abbreviated study rather than enforce the stricter code requirements.

Havtech Corporation
Columbia, Maryland