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Capella Hotel

The Challenge

Capella Hotel is located at 1050 31st Street in Washington, DC next to the C&O canal. This project involved the conversion of an existing 5-story office building to a 6-star luxury hotel. The hotel features a canal-side restaurant and lounge, an executive boardroom for guest use, and located on the rooftop, a pool, bar and full-service spa. The major challenge Soltesz faced were the unknown utilities within the street and obtaining the required public space permit for construction on 31st Street Northwest.

The Soltesz Solution

In order to identify the unknown utilities, Soltesz worked with DC Water, PEPCO, Washington Gas, and Verizon to obtain their records and also retained subsurface utility locating services to accurately depict locations of existing utilities. Soltesz worked closely with DC Water to obtain approval to reuse the existing fire service for domestic use and to construct a new fire service while avoiding conflicts with other existing utilities and site features. To obtain the public space permit, a Preliminary Design Review Meeting was held and a DDOT public space plan was prepared in accordance with DDOT requirements and procedures.

Castleton Hotel Partners, LLC
Michael Winstanley Architects & Planners
Washington, DC