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Camp Brown

The Challenge

Camp Brown, a privately funded recreational development, is situated on 168 acres along the Potomac River within the Chesapeake Bay Critical Area. The camp has existed since the 1960s and repairs, renovations and upgrades are needed to modernize the cabins, staff quarters, bathhouses, kitchens, utilities and infrastructure.

Soltesz’s onsite inspections revealed that the existing sewer line is exposed in some areas and extends into the Potomac River due to shore erosion. The Master Plan and development potential of Camp Brown cannot be properly evaluated or accomplished until the sewer line is repaired and/or relocated. It was determined that the existing sewer is part of the state shared system with different organizations responsible for the sewer plant and sewer lines.

The Soltesz Solution

In an effort to raise needed revenues to help pay for the Camp upgrades and sewer relocation costs, Soltesz is coordinating with St. Mary’s County Government and Department of Natural Resources to establish a FIDS/Critical Area Mitigation Bank on a portion of Camp Brown. As a mitigation bank, developers and landowners will pay the Camp to meet their mitigation requirements by establishing perpetual conservation easements on a portion of the Camp property.

Soltesz is also designing construction plans to relocate the sewer force main and sewer pipe needed to replace the existing exposed sewer line. Soltesz researched County and State records and provided background material to St. Mary’s County Government and the Critical Area Commission to demonstrate the active and continued use of the camp and provided an Existing Conditions Map and Master Plan for Camp Brown.

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