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Cabin Branch Water Resources

The Challenge

The challenge of this 535-acre, neo-traditional development was the location of the property within the Montgomery County Special Protection Area (SPA). The project will have to overcome the tough obstacle of providing the multitude of utilities needed for the development in the limited amount of space available, which involves a high number of easements. The SPA requires more stringent design measures over and above the State and County standards for stormwater management and erosion and sediment control to protect the existing water resources and environmental features. Final engineering for approximately 15,500 feet of water and sewer of which 9,800 feet will be located off-site on narrow rural roadways.

The Soltesz Solution

Soltesz is working closely with the approving agencies to coordinate and develop acceptable design parameters to cater to the proposed development. The firm is designing CIP water and sewer contracts within very tight and narrow rural roads that also require traffic control measures. With the goal of exceeding water quality controls imposed by the MDE 2011 Stormwater Management regulations, innovative ESD to the MEP methods are especially incorporated in the latest phase of the project. Examples include designing a system of treatments that allows surface runoff to be treated twice before discharging into the receiving stream, providing 50% excess volume for infiltration systems to recharge the ground water table, and incorporating energy dissipaters to protect stream erosion for main outfalls discharging site surface runoff.