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Cabin Branch Permitting

The Challenge

The permitting aspect of this challenge of this 535-acre development was not only the sheer size and complexity or the location of the property within the Montgomery County Special Protection Area (SPA) but also the departure of the County staff who were originally reviewing plans. Additionally, permitting for the final construction plans required three different sets of plans: Preliminary plan, Final Water Quality plan, and Final Engineering plan. Each of these plans for each piece of the project had to be approved prior to May 4, 2013 to meet the SWM grandfathering deadline.


The Soltesz Solution

Soltesz is working closely with the approving agencies to coordinate and develop acceptable design parameters to cater to the proposed development. Furthermore, the staff’s close relationship with agency personal enable Soltesz to short circuit delays with reviewers reassigned to the project. The team conducted multiple meetings with County staff to simplify the permit process for this very large, complex project. To do so, Soltesz prepared exhibits outlining the past County reviewers’ comments and how they now relate to the current plans, which greatly reduced potential redundancies. Soltesz remains committed to meeting the stringent deadlines, regardless of the unforeseen challenges, throughout every phase.