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Cabin Branch Construction Administration

The Challenge

Cabin Branch, a 535-acre development located at Route 121 and I-270, includes 1,886 residential dwelling units, 500 dwelling units of senior housing and 242,000 SF of commercial space. Because the project is located in a Special Protection Area (SPA), complying with Montgomery County’s more stringent water quality guidelines is a requirement. To meet the SPA requirements along with the latest MDE 2011 Stormwater Management regulations, Soltesz incorporated many ESD to the MEP methods in the site design. In addition, the existing ponds, new BMPs, and even upland water quality need regular monitoring.

The Soltesz Solution

The innovative ESDs ranged from a step pool, required due to an existing farm pond that needed to be breached, to the design of 13 strategically placed stormwater management ponds. The environmental construction administration team provides third party services that consist of frequent meetings with the Montgomery County inspector, pond inspections and monitoring, and weekly updates. Soltesz’s team provides third party services that include inspections, weekly site visits, and reports to the client as required for NPDES permitting and throughout construction as required by MDE. Working closely with the contractors and the client, Soltesz continuously devises immediate solutions to resolve issues as they arise; therefore, avoiding delays in construction.