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British Embassy

The Challenge

The British Embassy required an existing conditions survey of the Ambassador’s Residence and Old Chancery buildings. Because this work involved the home of the Ambassador, security had to be maintained. Soltesz reviewed the condition of existing driveways, parking lot, and paved areas and observed significant deterioration due to use, weather, drainage issues, and utility installations. Soltesz also provided evaluations of civil records and site assessments. Evaluations of the site had to be completed with the outdated surveys and utility plans on file. The Embassy was found to have drainage issues due to clogged storm drains, obstructed curb inlets, and partially blocked grate inlets.

The Soltesz Solution

Soltesz provided seamless coordination with both Embassy security and maintenance staff to conduct secure investigates of the site in order to provide an updated conditions report. For pavement damage, the firm presented both short and long-term cost-effective solutions. In the immediate, the firm suggested that the Embassy rejuvenate and recoat the surfaces that would require implementation every 4-5 years. The long-term solution required resurfacing and could extend the life of the pavement by 10 years. Soltesz proposed solutions to the storm drainage issues and provided maintenance plans. The firm provided recommendations of further detailed inspections of aging internal pipe conditions along with hydraulic systems capacity analysis.

British Embassy
Beyer Blinder Belle
Washington, DC