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Baker Park Carroll Creek

The Challenge

Baker Park is a 44-acre linear greenway park that provides active and passive recreational opportunities and a venue for concerts, festivals, and other community events. The park is a means for the public to enjoy a natural area in the midst of a developed urban environment. At the heart of this green space is Carroll Creek. Flowing the length of the park, the creek is the most prominent natural feature and is stocked with trout. The majority of development in the watershed predated current stormwater management requirements. As a result, the stream experienced excessive stormwater runoff, stream bank erosion, and habitat degradation.

The Soltesz Solution

Soltesz’s primary goal to restore this stream was to incorporate innovative and ecologically sound bio-engineering practices to restore stability to the stream banks experiencing erosion, and to prevent new areas from becoming unstable. Some of the bio-engineering practices used in this project included streambank contouring, installation of coir fiber logs and matting, live stakes, tree planting, and seeding. In some areas the proximity of the creek to existing park structures and utilities required more structural practices such as boulder toe revetments, imbricated rip-rap, rock vanes, and V-log structures. Installation of these practices required close collaboration with the City of Frederick Horticulturalist, the Park Manager, and the contractor in consideration of public safety and the aesthetics of the park.

City of Frederick
Maryland Eastern Shore Resource Conservation and Development Council
Frederick, MD