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CEO Perspective

With the continued improvement of the economy, we have been fortunate to experience a remarkable resurgence of residential work. The multi-family market is very robust, and we are also seeing single family and town center developments moving forward. I am proud to say that ENR ranked LSA as #9 nationwide among all architects and engineers in the Multi-Family market. Our due diligence and permitting services have proved invaluable to long-standing and new clients alike during this rebirth of the residential market.

Important to our mission, the firm continues to diversify its portfolio. While we welcome the growth in residential, we are still committed and remain focused on growing in the public sector, healthcare, and educational markets. Our projects with NAVFAC, USACE, Providence Hospital, University of Maryland College Park, Prince George’s County, and others are examples of the experience we are building on.

Environmental engineering is another area that we remain dedicated to. Our efforts include educating clients as new regulations take shape, assisting agencies with writing the manuals necessary to implement these water quality policies, and working with non-profit research organizations on determining best practices. The firm has always taken pride in the communities in which we live and work, and we want to preserve the integrity of these areas as they grow. Our focus will continue to be on providing cost-effective, sustainable designs no matter the project.

One of the most exciting changes this year has been hiring. We have continuously hired since January with new staff joining each of our offices. The experienced talent who joined our firm has led to sharing of new ideas, increased team collaboration, and continued focus on delivering exceptional client service. Also exciting is the number of recent college graduates joining the ranks. These young individuals bring enthusiasm, an understanding of the latest technologies, and a willingness to learn. We are committed to building best-in-class teams who deliver innovative and workable solutions to our clients.

As we grow in numbers, we also continue to grow in our service offerings, remain in the forefront of changing regulations, and keep abreast of the latest technology. All offices of LSA participate in regularly held informational seminars on technical subjects. Our intensive and collaborative in-house professional development training series offers our employees the tools and resources to stay on the pulse of the industry. In November, a public speaking session was held for selected staff to improve the way we communicate. We believe education opportunities both in and out of the office are vital to leveraging our employees’ unique talents to the benefit of our clients.

None of our portfolio or staff growth would be possible without our outstanding clients. The loyal clients who have trusted us for over 30 years coupled with fresh faces entering in this market have all contributed to our success. As always, our goal is to assist each of them obtain the success they are seeking by expertly navigating them through all challenges.