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Soltesz Staff Gathers to Discuss the Prince George’s County Clean Water Partnership

In 2008, the United States Federal Government, through the authority vested in the Environmental Protection Agency, mandated a cleanup of the Chesapeake Bay (Executive Order 13508: Chesapeake Bay Protection and Restoration).

Tracking the WSSC Pipeline Regulations

WSSC has over 150 miles of 36-inch and larger Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipes (PCCP) water transmission pipelines and is proposing new requirements in its Pipeline Design Manual – originally adopted in 2008 – concerning PCCP and cast iron water pipelines among other matters.


Read more about the impacts of the US EPA's Chesapeake Bay Act on the built environment, especially the TMDL aspect of the Act.


In 2007, the State of Maryland passed the Stormwater Act of 2007 that required the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) to revise state’s stormwater management (SWM) design criteria. These new regulations went into effect in May of 2010. Find out more about how these regulations are reshaping the built environment in Maryland.